Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Renewed Interest

Lately, I've been enjoying a renewed interest in photography using my digital SLR, a Canon Rebel T1i.  There's something kind of addicting about trying to get that perfect shot.  Last fall, I began taking an online Photoshop course that has helped me take my photos to a new level.  Below are some of my recent favorites, one with before and after.

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Taken last night and processed to get the Blue Moon effect. This was taken in aperture priority mode, at f/5.7 and ISO at 3200. I increased the ISO and reduced the aperture as much as possible to get the faster shutter speed- for this it was 1/25th.

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An alligator at the Jacksonville Zoo. Aperture priority mode, f/5.7, auto ISO. Slight adjustments in Photoshop, sharpening, increased contrast and increased saturation

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This is a finch that flew into my window one day and was saved from the dog.  Aperture priority mode, f/5.7, auto ISO. I applied a custom, third party action set to this photo to get the great retro look.

This photo of my younger son was taken at the old fort in St. Augustine, Florida.  This was taken in aperture priority mode, f/4, auto ISO. Also processed with a third-party action set.  The distracting design on his t- shirt was removed in Photoshop.

I took this photo of my sweet daughter in our backyard while we were playing photo shoot.  This was taken in aperture priority mode, f/4.6, auto ISO.  It was also processed with a third party action set in Photoshop.

This is my oldest son and I was having a blast trying out my new Canon 50MM, f/1.8 lens that was  a Christmas gift from my husband:).  This was taken at the beach in the shade of one of the walkways. This was taken in aperture priority mode, f/1.8, auto ISO.  This was also processed in Photoshop with a third party action set.

As you can see- I like to shoot in aperture priority mode.


  1. I love that you share what f-stops and tricks you're using. I'm still trying to figure out my dslr so your extra info is really helpful.

    Beautiful images!