Monday, February 20, 2012

Learn to Fly

This phrase can have so many meanings.
One day I will allow myself to be furiously happy.
One day I will allow myself to follow my dreams.
One day I will learn to do that one thing I really want to do.
One day I will reach a goal I set for myself.
One day I will be free of my burdens.
One day I will go somewhere I've only dreamed of going.
One day I will let it all go.

I'm not exactly sure which of these statements applies to my "One day I will learn how to fly".  It's a statement I think of often though.  It expresses a hopefulness that I can do something I have dreamed to do.  Maybe, each day that meaning will change. Or, not.
Maybe one day I will be flying and will think "Oh! This is it!"

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