Saturday, February 11, 2012

Reusable Teacher Gifts

This coming week is Teacher Appreciation week at our school. Our teacher gifts are handmade coffee cozies.   


The cozies wrap around a to-go coffee cup and are reusable.  (Remember we need to reduce, reuse, recycle -anytime I say that it is as if Jack Johnson is in my head singing it:).
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Stiff, padded interfacing (to provide structure) is sandwiched between strips of batik fabric and a backing fabric.


The free motion stitching adds detail and  texture to the design.  That and the zig-zag stitching on the edges holds everything together.

This was the perfect reason to dig in  my button jars to find  buttons for the closures.  (Buttons are a good thing in my world.)

These tags will hang from the cozies so that they won't be confused with *really* big bracelets.

Starbucks gift cards round out the gift.   (I used to make and sell these gift card holders on Etsy.)  The removable  'pull me' tag gives a clue as to how to discover what is inside.

With a gentle pull of the ribbon the secret contents rise up from the holder! And, the holders are also reusable.
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  1. Now I want to be a teacher in your schools so I can get these gifts. Such a great idea! You are so creative and clever.