Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bokeh Serendipity

A while ago, I purchased a bokeh kit.  A what? 

This is a filter kit that distorts the unfocused light so that it is displayed in the shape of the filter.  (Think of an opaque filter with a shape cut in it.)  When I gave it a try I couldn't quite get it to work like the photos I had seen online. So, I set it aside and got distracted by some other shiny thing.  (Really- isn't that how life is for most of us).

Recently, I ran across this blog post by Cynthia Shaffer.  Fortunately for me, Cynthia took the time to add her camera settings. Ahhhhh- I thought-  I must try this again!  The only pretty thing in our yard this time of year is this really cool tree (and I have no idea what it is).  So, off I went with my bokeh filters to see what I could do.

Pin It Success!!  I was able to  achieve the effect after a lot of playing around with my camera in full manual.  I used my 50MM lens for all of these photos and the settings for this photo were- Shutter Speed- 1/ 125,  f/ 1.8, ISO 100.

 Shutter Speed- 1/80,  f/ 1.8, ISO 100.
My kit came with several discs that slip in a holder including this butterfly and swallow.  

 Pin It                                               Shutter Speed- 1/80,  f/ 1.8, ISO 100.

The kit also had some uncut discs that you could use to make your own filters.  My set is made of plastic.  I decide to make my own using black card stock and some shape punches: a spiral and a flower. 

Pin It                                                Shutter Speed- 1/80,  f/ 1.8, ISO 100.
Playing with this set was a lot of fun.  You can Google 'bokeh filters' and find lots of tutorials on how to make your own.

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  1. Hi Amy-
    Thank you for the comment on my blog and yes, every birthday (kids and mine, ha) hurts a little more!! I love your photos...I took Cynthia's class in person and am now obsessed with photography!!! Great work with the Bokeh!!
    Be Well.