Monday, April 2, 2012

More on Spring Break

These last few months I have been spending at least an hour per day working on something in my craft room.  I used to do this making jewelry.  During my busy seasons I would make jewelry all day.  Lately, as I have mentioned before, the jewelry tools haven't been pulling me in.  Rather, paint and ink and paper have influenced their magnetic force on me.  


We spent a few days of our spring break away from home and a few more at home enjoying the beach.  I was worried that I might start getting anxious if I couldn't do anything with my hands so I packed up a Moleskine and some pens. 

While my kids were enjoying the resort pool or exploring the beach I sat and practiced my pen work.

I have always hated my hand writing.  Now I can see the value in practicing. 

These drawings (doodles, zentangles) were very relaxing to make.  

After a few days I began to believe that I might be able to like my pen work.... 

Have a great week!


  1. Hi Amy thanks for visiting my blog, Im like you I need to take something when I go on holiday, be it a little stitching kit I have put together or somthing im working on thats portable, the sketchbook is always a must, I like your pages they are happy:)

  2. Amy these are great! I've started taking classes in lettering and have been trying out zentangles! They are so relaxing to do! I love your use of color with some of yours! Very inspiring! Keep up the good work! :)