Sunday, June 10, 2012

This Week in Wildlife Sightings

We have an amazing abundance of wildlife around us here in Florida.  
And, we LOVE it.  
Here is what we've encountered in the last couple of weeks.

This is a Florida soft shell turtle.  Isn't that face amazing!  This one was crossing the street by my house.  Likely on it's way to another pond to lay eggs.  The next day I saw another one following the same path.  Their shells are like soft leather.  Normally, I would leave it alone but this one couldn't make it over the curb so I moved her to the grass.  

The photo below is of a water snake that we couldn't quite identify.  
It is living in the pond behind our house.
Cool but freaky.

After Tropical Storm Beryl made its way through we headed to the beach to see what had washed ashore. 

There weren't as many shells as we had hoped to see but this osprey was fishing for dinner and eating his catch.

He wasn't going to let it go.

And then there's this guy, Squawky.  
My vet asked if I could foster him. He was brought to her office by a landscaper. 
Whether the baby bird should have been left where it was I couldn't say.    That's what you should do.  The mother will still take care of the baby on the ground.


                                           My vet thought he was a baby blue bird.
             However,  as his feathers come in we have determined he is a baby mockingbird.   
He likes to squawk. A lot. Loudly. 

Also sighted this week: a bald eagle (sighted daily, in its nest right by our neighborhood- very cool), more ospreys, a red-shouldered hawk, gopher tortoises, a snapping turtle, lizards (everywhere), a trio of  armadillos, numerous herons, cormorants and egrets.

Did I mention how much we LOVE seeing all of these wonderful creatures.  
We do!

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