Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Break

A glimpse of our spring break.....  we spent a few days here and a few days there....

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Small Words of Encouragement

Being a military family we have faced several moves.  The hardest part is often before you know where your next location will be.  There can be a period of several months where you know you will be moving, but you don't know where you will be moving.  Sometimes we get caught up in researching each potential place.  However, since we often have minimal influence on the process, it can all be for naught.

So, when faced with the unknown, it is best to put on a positive attitude.  This is a chance for adventure, new friends, seeing part of our country or the world that we haven't been to before and, best of all, the possibility that we might, once again, cross paths with our old military family friends.   

We went through all of this in late 2010 and 2011 when we relocated from Virginia to Florida.  Now, a close friend is experiencing the anxiety of the unknown, so I thought I would send her a little something.

I really liked how my little Artful piece of turned out so I stayed with that color palette and made this little home themed piece.

When you move every couple of years this phrase, "Home is where your family is",  becomes a truth for us.

I dug into the pile of paint chips I have in my craft room and made this pretty ribbon- something I had seen on Pinterest.  Paired with a piece of brown paper bag it turned out pretty cute!

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bokeh Serendipity

A while ago, I purchased a bokeh kit.  A what? 

This is a filter kit that distorts the unfocused light so that it is displayed in the shape of the filter.  (Think of an opaque filter with a shape cut in it.)  When I gave it a try I couldn't quite get it to work like the photos I had seen online. So, I set it aside and got distracted by some other shiny thing.  (Really- isn't that how life is for most of us).

Recently, I ran across this blog post by Cynthia Shaffer.  Fortunately for me, Cynthia took the time to add her camera settings. Ahhhhh- I thought-  I must try this again!  The only pretty thing in our yard this time of year is this really cool tree (and I have no idea what it is).  So, off I went with my bokeh filters to see what I could do.

Pin It Success!!  I was able to  achieve the effect after a lot of playing around with my camera in full manual.  I used my 50MM lens for all of these photos and the settings for this photo were- Shutter Speed- 1/ 125,  f/ 1.8, ISO 100.

 Shutter Speed- 1/80,  f/ 1.8, ISO 100.
My kit came with several discs that slip in a holder including this butterfly and swallow.  

 Pin It                                               Shutter Speed- 1/80,  f/ 1.8, ISO 100.

The kit also had some uncut discs that you could use to make your own filters.  My set is made of plastic.  I decide to make my own using black card stock and some shape punches: a spiral and a flower. 

Pin It                                                Shutter Speed- 1/80,  f/ 1.8, ISO 100.
Playing with this set was a lot of fun.  You can Google 'bokeh filters' and find lots of tutorials on how to make your own.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


We get a wonderful variety of creatures in our backyard.  And they drive our dog crazy.  


Weimaraners are bred to be hunters.  Some have stronger prey drives than others.  Our dog seems to be on the stronger end of that spectrum.  This is why we will not have a cat anytime soon and that makes me very sad.   When I see our dog bolt out the door I know he's after something and try to intervene.

The other day it happened to be a gopher tortoise.  They love going through our back yard. Murphy is highly curious and has to check them out.  Things can quickly take a turn for the worse.

So, we shoo the dog away and make sure our creatures stay safe. (The turtle was unhurt and Murphy has no idea how perilously close he was to losing a piece of his cheek.)

This tortoise seemed as interested in us as we were in him.


When we were through getting a few pictures and heading back to the house the tortoise decided to follow my kids.

 They thought this was pretty funny.  After awhile he decided to head back into the woods and we said our goodbyes. 

Until next time, Mr. Gopher Tortoise!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Keeping Sane

I am experiencing a confluence of events that, all together,  are a bit stressful right now.  Escaping into my craft room to work on a journal page seems to be my therapy of late. That, and an occasional glass (or two) of red wine!  My latest page.....

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