Monday, February 25, 2013

Heart Art- Take Two

I had so much fun making my first Heart Art that I decided to make another.  
 This one is for sale in the UnStrungSisters shop!

Monday, February 11, 2013


After spending a long, long time with no interest in making jewelry I am slowly finding the desire returning to me.  Along with it is this need to clear the clutter, so to speak, so that I can really focus in on making things I love.       

Over the past several years I have sold my jewelry at numerous venues- art and craft shows, on consignment at a spa, online and to dozens of friends and neighbors.  What sold at each venue was different and what was left over from one may have gone to another. So I was often making jewelry with an end customer in mind and, occasionally making jewelry that I really loved and had trouble parting with (and sometimes kept for myself).

My new focus is going to be on making jewelry that I love and finding the right place to sell it.  In order to do this I feel I need to clear away the clutter of lots of perfectly good supplies that I'm pretty sure I will not  be using.  I've collected these supplies for several years and am selling them close to the cost at which I purchase them- which is way less than they sell for now.  Crazy- I know! But I'm actually pretty excited about honing it all down.

Here's a sampling of some sterling pieces that made their way into the UnStrungSisters shop today. I hope to continue to find the time to sort through my HUGE supply stash and offer up other goodies like gemstone, glass and ceramic beads and whatever else I can uncover and no longer need.

Thanks for stopping by!